Who is Versicor?

Versicor is a team of engineers, entrepreneurs and creative thinkers who are convinced that innovation should be easier. Their combined experience has lead to improved product creation efforts, speed to market, increased profitability and maximized investment value. Versicor’s hands-on, action-oriented and experienced professionals are helping to revolutionize how devices are designed, developed and built.

Versicor is led by executives with more than 20 years of experience in the medical,
energy and environment segments.


Tom Sawarynski

Owner / Chief Engineer

Toms career spans 18 years of diverse product development and manufacturing experience ranging from hardened military vehicles and high-horsepower supercars to consumer electronics at companies sized 5 to 50,000 over all stages of corporate lifecycles. An engineering leader driven by organizational and product excellence, Tom is constantly eager to tackle any program task from the highest level to the smallest detail.