Versicor aims to help bring new medical device ideas to life

May 2, 2014

Taking an idea for a new medical device from concept to
commercialization is never easy. The pathway to market in the
medical technology industry is almost always long, complicated,
and expensive. For new companies with fewer resources, going it
alone isn’t necessarily an option. Read more

Tech Tour Day One: A Look At Michigan’s Biotech Future At MichBio

October 16, 2013

Christie Coplen, CEO of Royal Oak-based Versicor, talked about her company’s hardware and software platform for assisting the creation of new medical devices. Versicor sells white-labeled electronic control modules for medical devices that can be programmed with custom software by medical device developers. And the company offers “a clear, predictable certification and documentation path,” she said. Read more


October 15, 2013

Versicor is a start-up company that offers a hardware and software platform used to build medical devices. Many medical devices are developed with one-off embedded hardware and software, which increase complexity, risk, and financial requirements. Versicor offers a validated, proven and robust hardware platform in conjunction with intuitive and economical model-based software. Read more

The Path to Commercialization

October 15, 2013

The path to commercialization for medical devices is not only distinct from other commercialization pathways, but can be long, complex and arduous. This presents many opportunities to innovate, expedite and perhaps even simplify that chain of events. Read more