Custom Solutions

Versicor provides customizable solutions using a model based rapid control system development tool that allows engineers to quickly create software, which runs on any Versicor-enabled control module. Our platform provides a full featured, multi-core operating system that exceeds the most demanding requirements for reliability, performance and data safety & security.

The ability to bring exciting new products to market quickly is the advantage of the Versicor product line.


  • Texas Instruments (TMS570, CC3200, F280x, Delfino, Piccolo, Concerto, C2000, MSP430)
  • Nordic Semiconductor (NRF51822)
  • Blue Giga (BLE112)
  • Roving Networks (RN42 / RN42APL)

Operating System

We utilize chipset-specific native development environments for your unique application.

Whenever possible, we utilize VisSim for specific Texas Instruments chipsets (F280x, Delfino, Piccolo, Concerto, C2000, MSP430)

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Versicor is the one platform you need to start building your device today.

Whether you are an established firm seeking the toolset to leave your competition in the dust, or a start-up who until now didn’t believe getting from prototype to production was financially viable —

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