Services: Medical

Medical Device Software

We excel at developing software. Period. Whether you are developing a medical device or an app interface, we can help you succeed. Versicor allows you to move quickly to get where you are going.

Plug-In Hardware & Software

Versicor has developed building blocks that allow you to easily integrate additional hardware elements into your device.

We can write software blocks quickly and efficiently that help you develop your prototype. This allows you to improve software while integrating the hardware plug-in as you go.

Data Management

Data is great – as long as you can access it, understand it and deploy it to improve your outcomes. Versicor has the ability to transmit data from your device and mobile application along with integrating wireless technologies. More importantly, we can help you utilize the data to optimize your outcomes. Let Versicor help you understand the value of the data you are collecting. Let us be your solution.

HIPAA & FDA Software Development

(Class II, III, 510(k))

Versicor can provide you with clear guidance from inception. Our process helps accelerate product launches while ensuring the regulatory requirements are met. Learn how we can help accelerate your business.

Mobile Design & Development

It’s not a question if, it’s when you will go mobile. Versicor can help develop your app to drive your device, engage your customers and ensure your product is adopted quickly and seamlessly.

“Talent, execution, seriousness and professionalism are what sets this team apart from the rest –
They are a trusted partner.”

– Dafne, Mennen Medical

Customer Success Story:

Mennen Medical

An existing medical device manufacturer needed a gateway module to allow their existing proprietary Ethernet communication protocol to talk to peripherals over both WiFi and CAN bus.

How do you quickly provide a proof of concept interface to prove that an existing patient monitoring module was right-sized for an end-user application?

Versicor’s Role

Using a combination of existing commercially available hardware solutions, custom software was quickly written to bridge the customer’s proprietary protocol and provide filtered data to external systems.

Client Benefits:

  • Versicor delivered a working solution in three weeks that enabled our customer to successfully show proof of concept and increase hardware sales
  • By choosing software from Versicor’s proven & validated tool chain, in addition, to not having to re-validate the hardware platform, Versicor was able to save our customer both time and money.

As the driving force behind Versicor technology, our software professionals are your trusted advisors and medical device manufacturing technology consultants.

We collaborate with you to support your concepts and strategy, and ensure this contributes directly to getting your product to market. Our services professionals are engineering experts, but are also highly specialized in the realm of medical device development. It is this elite and industry-leading combination of skills that enables our team to efficiently provide the right continuum of services for our customers and partners.

Whether your team is ready to build from scratch or you want our software engineers to get your project off the ground, we have the expertise to meet your needs.

Versicors’s engineering team can help you develop your product prototype or implement a model-based process using the latest tools and technologies available. We can provide the skills that you may need time to develop or skills that you cannot justify in keeping on staff full-time.

Ask us to investigate helping your project.