October 15, 2013

Versicor is a start-up company that offers a hardware and software platform used to build medical devices. Many medical devices are developed with one-off embedded hardware and software, which increase complexity, risk, and financial requirements. Versicor offers a validated, proven and robust hardware platform in conjunction with intuitive and economical model-based software.

This model-based design technology of Versicor allows medical device developers to rapidly move from prototype to production, while avoiding costly rework through its flexible and agile development through its flexible and agile development platform. Versicor is able to simplify product development, decrease risk and increase speed to market for both new and established companies. Versicor hardware can be used for a multitude of applications. Testing happens using real production control hardware; proto-type-to-production happens seamlessly (

More information on the Michigan medical device industry can be found in this month’s Xology publication.