Medical Devices Summit

February 24-26, 2014

With the current volatility of the health care industry, many medical device manufacturers are plagued with questions and concerns about their products. Opal Events’ 5th Annual Medical Devices Summit strives to bring together industry and regulatory professionals from across the country to address key issues in compliance, quality and innovation. Medical device manufacturers are tasked with staying on top of regulatory updiates, competitive designs and new opportunities- and can find them all in one place at this celebrated event! And to ensure that we have a diverse group of industry professionals ready to engage in thought-provoking discussion- we offer complimentary registration for many Medical Device OEM employees! 

The conference is bringing together industry professionals and thought leaders to discuss some of the most pressing issues in the device industry today, including:

  • Reimbursement and Return: Getting a Bang for Your Buck
  • Combination Devices – what is the industry doing to meet the requirements?
  • Interactions with the FDA
  • Big in Japan
  • Understanding and Implementing Unique Device Identification (UDI)
  • Human Factors Engineering and Usability
  • Mobile Device Innovation
  • Security in Medical Devices
  • Requirements for effective design control
  • Healthcare informatics – database analytics

Join 400+ Medical Device industry professionals for panels, presentations, workshop and tons of networking opportunities with the industry’s best!

Attend high level workshops hosted by industry service providers and learn about the latest solutions and industry developments.

Opal Events’ Medical Devices Summits have grown by leaps and bounds since their launch, and are now held in Boston, San Diego and Minnesota!

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