Ideas 2 Action Award Contest


“Accelerating Innovation”

The Ideas to Action Award offers up to $250,000 worth of electronics, controls and software development services and support to award recipients.

There are many great ideas but few come to be reality. With Versicor’s Ideas to Action contest, we give your business the opportunity to accelerate the development of your great idea. We know product development resources and funding can be scarce in any business, and that’s where Versicor’s Idea’s to Action Award comes in.

Our goal is to support businesses’ product needs by providing the technical expertise and engineering bandwidth needed to take an idea from notebook sketch to prototype to product- quickly and efficiently.

Versicor can provide production ready electronics, advisory and regulatory services for business support, and a team of controls and software development engineers to increase a company’s innovation and productivity.

The Ideas to Action Award will be presented to well-deserving recipients, whether they be associated with a small start-up company or a well-established medical device, clean-tech or transportation company, whose product ideas significantly impact the industry from professionals to end-users.